The Center for Biofilm Engineering thrives on interactions with biofilm researchers, industry representatives, and regulatory bodies worldwide. A sampling of the CBE's outreach activity is highlighted below.

Biofilm Science and Technology Meetings

Our Biofilm Science and Technology Meetings (formerly called Technical Advisory Conferences or TAC) are held twice a year for our Industrial Associate members and prospective members. Our regulatory pathways meeting in February facilitates dialogue between industry and government regulators about product development and regulatory guidelines. Each July, we showcase our latest research advancements at the Montana Biofilm Meeting in Bozeman. These conferences provide a great opportunity to hear the latest biofilm research, meet with industry and regulators, and explore the potential for new collaborations with the CBE.

Prior to our July meeting, our staff, faculty, and students provide workshops on biofilm methods, microscopy, and advanced biofilm tools and techniques.


Visiting Researchers

Collaboration is key to the CBE's vitality, and the CBE provides a stimulating research setting for visiting researchers from around the globe.


International Biofilm Standards Task Group

The Center for Biofilm Engineering at Montana State University is working with leading biofilm research centers in the UK, Europe, and Asia to develop international standardized biofilm test methods. The task force is focusing its efforts on testing methods in health care settings, industrial systems, and the built environment. By doing so, the group aims to enable informed and consistent decision-making regarding international regulation of antibiofilm products. Input from industry and agencies is welcome. Read more about this task group


Biofilm Priority Questions Exercise

We are calling on the international biofilms community to help us identify important questions that, if answered, will make a considerable impact on the fundamentals of the field of microbial biofilms, to innovation in approaches to prevent, detect, manage and engineer biofilms, or which would be expected to have an impact in influencing policy makers and funders. Read more about this exercise


Biofilm Topics: Retreats and Workshops

Periodically the CBE hosts topical workshops on biofilm issues of import that cross interdisciplinary boundaries.


Young Investigators Program

The CBE encourages the participation of outstanding early-career biofilm investigators at its annual Montana Biofilm S&T Meeting. This award targets postdoctoral researchers and newly hired faculty from outside the CBE. Up to two investigators are invited to present research at the Montana Biofilm Meeting and provided a $750 travel reimbursement and free attendance to the meeting. More about the program