The Center for Biofilm Engineering at Montana State University is working with leading biofilm research centers in the UK, Europe, and Asia to develop international standardized biofilm test methods. The International Biofilm Standards Task Group (IBSTG) is focusing its efforts on testing methods in health care settings, industrial systems, and the built environment. By doing so, the group aims to enable informed and consistent decision-making regarding international regulation of antibiofilm products. Input from industry and agencies is welcome. Email U.S. contact Dr. Darla Goeres


To drive the international development and acceptance of standardized biofilm test methods in health care, the built environment and industrial systems.


Enable for informed and consistent decision making on the international regulation of anti-biofilm products.  


  • Educate regulatory decision makers on the importance of using biofilm methods for biofilm specific label claims.
  • Promote to public officials the need to set global biofilm standards through a consortium of established and recognized regional expert organizations
  • Standardize and validate biofilm test methods that are referenced in regulatory guidance documents.
  • Promote the use of statistically validated biofilm methods when regulating products with a “kills” or “prevents” biofilm label claim.
  • Leverage the global nature of the consortium to adapt testing methods across geographies
  • Engage industry, research institutions, and academic stakeholders in the method development process.
  • Champion biofilm methods in country and industry specific standard setting committees.
  • Promote international consensus in the biofilm methods recognized in regulatory guidance documents.


Mission Statement

Position Statement 


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