The Center for Biofilm Engineering, in collaboration with Montana State University’s Department of Visual Media and BioSurface Technologies, is please to present Standardized Biofilm Methods Training Videos. Continuing the technology transfer initiative that began with the CBE’s Knowledge Sharing Articles, which describe the statistical calculations associated with standardized methods development, these videos  are designed to assist researchers in the set-up and operation of the biofilm reactors referenced in the ASTM Standard Methods and the BioSurface Technologies Operator Manuals.

Training Videos Playlist:

Single Tube Method 

STM video content:

•ASTM Method E2871

•Disinfection and neutralization

•Biofilm removal and disaggregation 

•Link to calculate log reduction

•Helpful hints on: 

-Conical vials
-Splash guards


Drip Flow Biofilm Reactor® Method

DFR® Method video content:

•ASTM Method E2647
•Flow Rate
•Inoculum and Sterilization
•Setup Flow Phase
•Calculate Log Density


CDC Biofilm Reactor® Method

CDC-BR® Method video content:

•Inoculating, initiating batch, and starting continuous flow to grow a mature biofilm in the reactor




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