The CBE Seminar Series is organized to host experts from both academia and industry to present their research and share their expertise in biofilm research and innovation. Each semester, a committee of CBE graduate students and staff invite and host the colleagues and visitors (on and off-campus) who present at this seminar series.

The CBE 2023-2024 seminar organizing committee

If you have feedback or a speaker suggestion for the CBE Seminar Series, please contact a member of the organizing committee.

Spring 2024 Schedule

  • Thursdays per schedule below
  • 2:10 p.m.–3:00 p.m. Mountain Time (MT) unless otherwise noted below*
  • Location: Barnard 108 unless otherwise noted below*


Date Speaker Affiliation Presentation Title

Feb 8


Dr. Phil Stewart                       

Regents Professor, Chemical & Biological Engineering, Montana State University, Center for Biofilm Engineering


Laboratory testing of antimicrobial activity and innate immune system compatibility

Mar 13

No Seminar - Spring Break

Mar 21



CBE Undergraduate Research Day


Sophia Adams



Nicki Krysiak



Eli Selong

Montana State University, Center for Biofilm Engineering, Advisor: Emma Loveday


Montana State University, Center for Biofilm Engineering, Advisor: Christine Foreman


Montana State University, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Advisor: Diane Bimczok

Chickens, ducks, and how they get sick: An exploration of avian influenza using drop-based microfluidics


Determining if microorganisms could survive in ocean world environments

Alternative approach for antibiotic susceptibility determination in Mycoplasma biofilms


Apr 4

*Alt time: 9:00 am MDT

*Alt location: Norm 337


Dr. Katharine Coyte


University of Manchester

How does horizontal gene transfer shape microbial communities?

Apr 11


Dr. Catherine Armbruster


Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University

Potable water biofilms as a reservoir 
of opportunistic pathogens that cause cystic fibrosis respiratory infections

Apr 25


Dr. Chris Lemon

Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Montana State University


Repurposing heme proteins for bioimaging and biosensing

May 2

No Seminar - Last week of classes


Past Seminars



2022-Fall-CBE Seminar-Schedule