The CBE Seminar Series is organized to host experts from both academia and industry to present their research and share their expertise. Each semester, a committee of CBE graduate students and staff invite and host the colleagues and visitors (on and off-campus) who present at this seminar series.

The CBE 2021-2022 seminar organizing committee

If you have feedback or a speaker suggestion for the CBE Seminar Series, please contact a member of the organizing committee.

Spring 2022 Schedule

  • Thursdays, 4:10 p.m.–5:00 p.m. Mountain Time (MT) unless otherwise noted*
  • Virtual via WebEx unless otherwise noted





Jan 20

No Seminar-First week of classes

Jan 27

No Seminar 

Feb 3*

Hybrid Roberts 321


Dr. Kevin Cash

Assistant Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Colorado School of Mines

Nanosensors for spatiotemporal monitoring of microbial physiology

Feb 10

No Seminar
Feb 17
Dr. Zahra Mahdieh

Postdoctoral Researcher, CBE


Granular Matrigel: Restructuring a trusted extracellular matrix for improved permeability


Feb 24*

9am MST



Dr. Desiree Dickerson


Consultant,Academic Mental Health & Well-being
Strategies for managing our well-being in research

Mar 3*

10am MST


Prof. Kasper Kragh

Assistant Professor, Bacteriology, Costerton Biofilm Center, Copenhagen, Denmark


Microscopy in biofilm research- A closer look 

Mar 10*

Hybrid Roberts 321


Dr. Tomasz Zajkowski
Associate Scientist, Universities Space Research Association and Blue Marble Space Institute of Science, NASA Ames Research Center
An evolutionary perspective on prion-based mechanisms of regulation and adaptation

Mar 17

No Seminar-MSU Spring Break

Mar 24

CBE Undergraduate Research Day


Ian Novak, Chemical & Biological Engineering, Standardized Biofilm Methods Lab


Martina Du, Chemical & Biological Engineering, Ross Carlson Lab


Uve Strautmanis, Microbiology & Cell Biology, Matthew Fields Lab

Recent advancements in standard biofilm methods


Using synthetic ecology to quantify consortial interactions in biofilm and planktonic cultures


Investigation of complete groundwater denitrification utilizing an environmentally relevant bacterial co-culture


Mar 31

Dr. Tagbo Niepa

Assistant Professor, Chemical & Petroleum Engineering, University of Pittsburgh


Nanocultures: Controlled microbial communities in sessile drops


Apr 7*


Byker Auditorium & via Webex


George Schaible 

PhD Candidate, Chemistry & Biochemistry, MSU, CBE


Investigating cellular differentiation within multicellular magnetotactic bacteria using genomics and correlative microscopy


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Apr 14

Dr. Anita Shukla

Associate Professor, Engineering, Brown University


Smart antimicrobial biomaterials


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Apr 21


Dr. Qian Wang

Assistant Research Professor, Microbiology & Cell Biology, MSU


Aerobic methane synthesis microbes


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Apr 28

Dr. Tim Borgogna

Postdoctoral Researcher, CBE


Host interactions with biofilms on implants: Translating from in vitro to in vivo


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May 5

Kirsten Kapp

Professor, Biological Sciences, Central Wyoming College


Exploring the multidimensional world of microplastic pollution


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