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Partnership with the CBE offers direct access to emerging advances in biofilm science and technology. We host two key conferences each year. Our regulatory pathways meeting in February facilitates dialogue between industry and government regulators about product development and regulatory guidelines. Each July, we showcase our latest research advancements at the Montana Biofilm Meeting in Bozeman. Members are eligible to participate in, at no charge, our biofilm methods workshop held at this meeting. 

Meetings are open to all members and CBE research collaborators (non-member companies may visit once to preview the Industrial Associate program). 

The meeting agendas include:

  • Our Montana Science and Technology Meeting provides detailed, up-to-date, reporting of CBE projects and research strategy (specific industry sponsored projects may be excluded depending on the status of the project). Reporting includes written summaries, posters and presentations on the research.
  • Our regulatory pathways meeting provides an opportunity for representatives from industry, academia, and government agencies to present relevant research and understand each other’s perspectives. The meeting is organized in a presentation and discussion format to highlight both challenges and opportunities in the development of antibiofilm technologies relevant to medical devices and products impacting public health. More on our pathways meeting
  • Opportunities for the Industrial Associate members to provide written and oral guidance on the CBE research, education and industrial programs.
  • Opportunities for in-depth one-on-one or small group meetings with CBE researchers and students to focus on specific research, application and educational needs of the Industrial Associate.
  • Workshops on CBE biofilm analytical methods. Workshops include hands-on laboratory instruction as well as presentations and materials.

For more information, contact Paul Sturman (406) 994-2102


2022 Biofilm Science and Technology Meetings

Anti-Biofilm Technologies: Pathways to Product Development (hybrid) Meeting
February 1–2, 2022

In-person invite meeting at the Crystal City Marriott in Arlington, VA

Draft agenda

Are you interested in becoming a member and attending our meeting? Contact Paul Sturman

Montana Biofilm Meeting
July 12–14, 2022

In-person meeting at Hilton Garden Inn, Bozeman, MT
Hands-on workshop at CBE labs Mon., July 11
Agenda and registration available May 2022


2021 Biofilm Science and Technology Meetings

Montana Biofilm Meeting 
July 13–15, 2021

Virtual meeting featuring an open house, panel discussion on the biofilm matrix, and member strategic planning meeting

Meeting Agenda

Open House Program

Pathways to Product Development Meeting
Feb. 1–3, 2021


Stats Workshop & Poster Session
Feb. 1

Workshop abstract 

Feb. 2–3

Meeting Agenda

2020 Biofilm Science and Technology Meetings

Montana Biofilm Meeting
July 14–16, 2020

Held virtually

Meeting Agenda

Pathways to Product Development
February 4–5, 2020

Hyatt Regency Crystal City, Arlington, VA

Meeting agenda

View past conference agendas andproceedings


Paul Sturman, PhD, PE
Industrial Coordinator
Ph: (406) 994-2102