Since the founding of the CBE in 1990, industry and the CBE have benefited from a strong collaborative relationship that revolves around a dynamic industry membership program. Through their membership, CBE Industrial Associates have direct access to the CBE's emerging knowledge and technologies, and play a vital role in guiding the CBE toward industrial relevance. Benefits to membership include the following:

  • Connection with industry and leading biofilm reseachers at our annual meeting. Partnership with the CBE offers direct access to emerging advances in biofilm science and technology. We host two key conferences each year. Our regulatory pathways meeting in February facilitates dialogue between industry members and government regulators on product development and regulatory guidelines. Each July, we showcase our latest research advancements at the Montana Biofilm Meeting in Bozeman. Meetings are open to members and CBE research collaborators (non-member companies may visit once to preview the Industrial Associate program). See our Special Invitation webpage for information on our next industrial meeting.
  • Complimentary methods workshop. Members can attend, at no charge, a methods workshop held in conjunction with the Montana Biofilm Meeting . This workshop provides Industrial Associates hands-on training on the latest biofilm analytical techniques. 
  • Two days of complimentary consultation. Industrial Associates are provided up to 16 hours per year of complimentary, customized consultation by CBE researchers. Consultation may be with one or more CBE researchers.
  • Discounted testing projects. Industrial Associates receive a reduced fee, priority scheduling, and personalized consultation on testing projects. 
  • Long-term visits. The CBE is available to Industrial Associate representatives for any length of time to conduct research in collaboration with CBE researchers.
  • Sponsored research. An Industrial Associate or consortium of Industrial Associates have the opportunity to direct Center expertise and expand fundamental research toward addressing specific concerns by sponsoring research beyond the pooled research program and at a discounted rate.
  • Specialized workshops and seminars. Upon request, the CBE will provide a customized workshop for an Industrial Associate or group of Industrial Associates either at Montana State University or at a site selected by the Industrial Associate(s). Fees for specialized workshops will be negotiated. The CBE can also design a targeted, educational seminar for a member delivered either in-person or virtually. Industrial Associates also have access to the CBE’s weekly Seminar Series in real-time and through our comprehensive video archives.
  • Contact with students. The CBE provides a highly valued education to students in biofilm research, project management, teamwork and experience with industrially relevant projects. Industrial Associates have access to these students for internships, permanent hire and other activities.
  • Networking and collaboration. Industrial Associates have the opportunity to network and collaborate with Fortune 500 businesses, small businesses, and leading biofilm researchers from around the world. 
  • Access to publications. Industrial Associates are provided early access to the CBE publications and receive free copies of the CBE reprints and posters.
  • Standardized Biofilm Methods Lab (SBML), Medical Biofilms Lab (MBL), and Bioimaging and Analytical Core Labs. Industrial Associates have access to the SBML, MBL and the core bioimaging and analytical facilities to apply and adopt biofilm standard methods to solve industrial problems using state-of-the-art equipment with highly skilled researchers.

The Industrial Associate membership program is $35,000 per year per company. Contact Darla Goeres for further information on how the CBE works with industry in developing biofilm technology and finding solutions for biofilm problems.

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Impacting healthcare sciences nationally and internationally through research, education, and outreach*

*Jennifer Summers, MSU-CBE masters graduate in chemical and biological engineering, explains her lab experience working on urinary catheters. Matthew Fields, CBE director, discusses the impact of biofilms on public health (minute 2:25). Video courtesy of MSU's Division of Health Sciences.


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