John Neuman

Former CBE Technical Operations Manager John Neuman passed away on Sunday, February 20, 2011, after a brief illness. An integral team member in achieving the CBE's mission, John started at the Center for Biofilm Engineering in 1994. For 14 years, John dedicated himself to teaching and training student, staff, and visiting researchers, ensuring safe and professional practices in CBE laboratories, and managing the operation and maintenance of equipment and facilities.

John shared his expertise in analytical chemistry, oversaw an excellent safety record, understood and promoted the larger mission of the CBE, and helped make us proud to work at CBE. In 2001 CBE colleagues nominated John to receive the MSU Employee Recognition Award; he was one of five recipients of the award that year.

No job was too big or too small for John's attention and concern. He handled building-related emergencies at any hour day or night, led countless tours for visitors, and helped CBE students with everything from experimental design to getting to the airport.

After his retirement in 2008, John continued to keep in touch with his CBE friends and colleagues—regularly checking up on them and and continuing to attend every CBE conference. He was a firm advocate of the CBE and MSU and will be sorely missed. His legacy of dedication will continue to motivate those who knew him.

In honor of John's passion for education and in support of student research at the CBE, his family has designated the Center for Biofilm Engineering as a recipient for memorial donations.  Read more on making a donation.