Office: 316 Cobleigh Hall
Specialty: Magnetic resonance imaging

Joe Seymour is co-director of the Magnetic Resonance Microscopy (MRM) laboratory and professor in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Montana State University. His primary area of research interest is imaging of transport phenomena using MR. MR provides unique data on the dynamics of transport phenomena due to the ability to measure both coherent motion, or velocity, and random motion, or diffusion. Measurements of scale dependent transport dynamics in porous media during biofouling, in bioreactive precipitation and for the flow of supercritical fluids provide data for testing and generating new models of transport based on nonequilibrium statistical mechanics concepts such as continuous time random walks. MR measurements of molecular dynamics in hydrogels provide information on the relation between gel structure the distribution and mobility of water. Research on alginates and other biomacromolecular gels are undertaken to better understand structure-function relationships important for applications such as drug delivery as well as enhancing knowledge of the role of the extracellular polymeric substance in the biological function of cells in biofilms.

Dr. Seymour has been honored by MSU and the College of Engineering for excellence in research and student mentoring. He's been recognized for his success in securing external research funding, his active production of highly cited publications, his international reputation as an expert in his field, and for mentoring a new generation of students at Montana State University. 

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