Roland Hatzenpichler photo

Office: 111 Chemistry Biochemistry Building
Specialty: Environmental microbiology

Professional experience

2016–Present   Assistant Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry, MSU

2011–2016   Postdoctoral Scholar, Geobiology, Caltech    


2011   Doctorate degree, Microbial Ecology, Univ. of Vienna, Austria    

2006   Master's degree, Microbial Ecology, Univ. of Vienna, Austria

Research interests

  • The function and activity of the “uncultivated majority” of microorganisms, and how their physiology impacts the environment across a range of scales, from micron to global.
  • The use of novel approaches to probe in situ activity, including biorthogonal non-canonical amino acid tagging (BONCAT) with fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), stable isotope probing, and cell sorting.


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