Erika Espinosa-Ortiz

Office: 306 Barnard Hall
Specialty: Fungal & algal biofilms


Professional Preparation 

  • Ph.D., Environmental Technologies for Contaminated Solids, Soils and Sediments
    Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate Program, 2015
    UNESCO‐IHE (The Netherlands), Paris‐Est (France),
    University of Cassino (Italy)
    Research: Bioreduction of selenite and tellurite by Phanerochaete chrysosporium: applications in wastewater treatment
  • M. Sc., Ecological Sciences and Engineering, 2010
    Purdue University (USA)
    Research: Ecotoxicological assessment of gallium and indium on soil microbial activity, seed germination and root growth
  • M. Sc., Environmental Engineering, 2009
    National Autonomous University of Mexico
    Research: Biological contamination of source water supplies in Tula Valley, Hgo. Mex

Research Interest

  • Fungal-based technologies for water, wastewater and soil remediation

  • Biodeterioration of building materials due to multi-domain biofilm formation

  • Biomineralization processes applied to the medical field (e.g. formation of kidney stones induced by urinary tract infections)

Selected publications

Mitchell, Andrew C., Erika J. Espinosa-Ortiz, Stacy L. Parks, Adrienne J. Phillips, Alfred B. Cunningham, Robin Gerlach, “Kinetics of Calcite Precipitation by Ureolytic Bacteria under Aerobic and Anaerobic Conditions,” Biogeosciences, May 2019, 16:2147-2161.

Espinosa-Ortiz, Erika J., Brian H. Eisner, Dirk Lange, and Robin Gerlach, “Current insights into the mechanisms and management of infection stones,” Nature Reviews Urology, November 2018, 16: 35-53.

Tan, Lea Chua, Erika J. Espinosa‐Ortiz, Yarlagadda V. Nancharaiah, Eric D. van Hullebusch, Robin Gerlach, and Piet N. L. Lens, “Selenate removal in biofilm systems: effect of nitrate and sulfate on selenium removal efficiency, biofilm structure and microbial community,” J Chem Technol Biotechnol, 2018;93: 2380–2389.

Espinosa-Ortiz, EJ, Pechaud Y, Lauchnor E, Eldon RR, Gerlach R, Peyton BM, van Hullebusch ED , Lens PNL. “Effect of Selenite on the Morphology and Respiratory Activity of Phanerochaete Chrysosporium Biofilms,” Bioresource Technology 210 (June 2016): 138–145.

Erika's CV


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