Undergraduate Research Assistant Job Description

Term: 1 year with possibility for extension, (20hrs/wk) during
school year, (40hrs/wk) summer

Description: The Montana Nanotechnology Facility Research
Assistant’s primary responsibility is to assist with research
engineering projects at Montana Microfabrication Facility
(MMF) in Cobleigh Hall and Barnard Hall cleanrooms. Core
responsibilities include assisting with lithography and thin film
deposition to support research projects. Assistants who
demonstrate aptitude, initiative, and time-management skills
will have the opportunity to assist in maintaining,
characterizing, and upgrading advanced cleanroom
manufacturing equipment as well as establishing and
executing common and advanced semiconductor and MEMS
manufacturing processes for foundry customers. On-the-job
training will be provided by staff, and no previous lab or
cleanroom experience is required, though it is desired. This
opportunity is advantageous to anyone seeking research
experience in engineering and/or physical sciences as well as
providing a strong foundation and professional networking
opportunities in advanced biotechnology, electronics,
nanotechnology, microfluidics, and fabrication related job

– Candidates must start on or before March 15.
– Candidates must be able to lift 25 lbs
– Detail-oriented and safety minded.
– Experience in following detailed instructions consistently.
– Conducting work independently with minimal supervision
upon completion of training.
– Strong verbal, written and electronic communication skills
with a demonstrated ability to complete detailed recordkeeping
and provide technical reporting on a regular basis
– General document management skills and experience
(Microsoft Office or similar)
– Requires 10-20 hours / week commitment but can have
flexible schedule

– Competency in chemical and biological material handling or
equivalent educational experience (e.g. completion of general
chemistry or similar courses)
– Experience working in a laboratory setting
– Experience handling and working with hazardous chemicals
and processes
– Experience with project management and directing others
– Experience making training videos
– Experience making electronic hardware
– Experience with python programming language

Interested applicants please send CV or Resume to joshua.heinemann@montana.edu