The Bioglyphs project directors would like to extend a special thanks to Dr. Phil Stewart, MSU Chemical Engineering Professor at the Center for Biofilm Engineering, for his support and encouragement of this collaboration. It would not have been possible without him.

We would also like to thank ASMSU Arts & Exhibits for their support of this exhibition.

Thanks to Susan DeCamp, of Yellowstone Public Radio, for devoting her April 15, 2002, edition of "The Why Files" to an interview with the Bioglyphs collaborators, and to Jacob Goldstein, Bozeman Daily Chronicle, for his particular enthusiasm for and interest in this project.

All BIOGLYPHS photos on these pages were taken by Rob Wilke of Wilke Photographics, Bozeman, MT. We would like to thank Rob for the extra time he took to capture the BIOGLYPHS paintings.

Finally, we would like to thank Pablo ("If it don't glow, there ain't no show") Vibrio, who responded so enthusiastically to this art/science collaboration.

© 2002-2003  MSU Bozeman Bioglyphs Project, a collaboration co-created by the Montana State University Bozeman School of Art, the Center for Biofilm Engineering, and billions of bioluminescent bacteria.