The Bioglyphs exhibition opened Earth Day, April 22, 2002 at the Exit Gallery on the Montana State University Bozeman campus.

The Bioglyph paintings which follow are captured first with the lights on, so that you can see the installation of petri dishes, then with the lights off, so that you can get a sense of the beauty that the bacteria created with their own light.

The Exit Gallery at MSU-Bozeman, with lights on to show petri dish installationsThe Exit Gallery with the lights offBioglyph painting by Sara Mast and Robert Royhl, in collaboration with CBE scientistsBioglyph paintingBioglyph painting by Jeremy Covert and Nolan Gerber, in collaboration with CBE scientists.Bioglyph paintingBioglyph painting by Ami CollarBioglyph paintingBioglyph painting by Angela BowldsBioglyph paintingBioglyph painting by Nell Wareham-Morris

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© 2002-2003  MSU Bozeman Bioglyphs Project, a collaboration co-created by the Montana State University Bozeman School of Art, the Center for Biofilm Engineering, and billions of bioluminescent bacteria.